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Visibility 20th of May. Behçet’s Awareness Day

Associación Española de la Enfermedad de Behçet celebrates this Thursday, 20th of May, Behçet’s Awareness Day. During this week, the association is proposing the “Ç Challenge'' that consists of getting 500 pictures of patients, family members and friends with a Ç painted visibly on their bodies.

“Ç is one of the many difficulties we face daily. It looks like a joke, but it is not. When we go to the emergency room, when someone asks us what disease we have or in many daily situations, we have to spell the name of our pathology. We are aware that it is not easy for those who have not heard of it and it is even more complicated when we have to pronounce the ç. In my case, I always say ç as in Barça,” says the president of the association, Manuela López.

Moreover, the association’s secretary, Elena Vergara, points out that “ç is a part of us, we feel very identified with it. And, of course, the colour blue, another one of our symbols”.

The association’s directive board calls everyone, not only those affected and their close ones, to participate in this challenge. An easy challenge with which they want to raise awareness, one year more, for Behçet’s disease, a disease which affects 5 to 10 people for every 100,000 inhabitants in Spain. 

People who want to participate in this challenge can send their pictures to or upload them to the news article from the 20th of May on their website