contador gratuito FECAMM-Federació ASEM llança la campanya ‘Capaces15N’ per demanar compromís polític i social
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Federación ASEM launches the campaign 'Capaces15N' to call for political and social commitment!

The Federació Espanyola de Malalties Neuromusculares (Federación ASEM), and its 29 associations, have launched the campaign 'Capaces15N' on November 15, Neuromuscular Diseases National Day.

The aim of the campaign, which will run throughout all of November, is to promote the social inclusion of the collective and make visible the more than 150 existing neuromuscular pathologies, whose main characteristic is the loss of muscle strength. In addition, the aim is to raise awareness so that society understands that "living with a neuromuscular disease does not make you different, you are as able as any other person to have your own life in equal conditions, to travel, to have a family or a job."

This was explained by the president of the organisation, Manuel Rego, who argued that people with neuromuscular disease "need now more than ever" political and social commitment to show that we are still "capable", after a period of a pandemic in which "our" rights and "our" needs have become secondary.

For this reason, Federación ASEM raises its voice for a "highly vulnerable" minority, which sees how its needs grow every day, and asks for support from companies, private institutions, public administrations and society in general, to achieve a society with equal rights and opportunities, that works towards not only quality health care but also social care.


Main Demands

With this campaign, Federación ASEM has asked for a series of demands regarding the rights of people who suffer from this disease and their families. For example, they demand rehabilitation therapies be included comprehensively and permanently in the National Health Care System for patients with neuromuscular diseases and for them to be equally accessible in all Autonomous Communities of Spain. Moreover, they also demand the promotion of biomedical investigation for neuromuscular diseases and to move forward in the search for a cure for this type of pathologies. 


Experiences and patients

All of these demands, and others, will be presented in the institucional event that will be held online on the 15th of November at 11:30 a.m. The president of Federación ASEM, Manuel Rego, and the director of Real Patronato sobre Discapacidad del Ministerio de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030, Jesús Martín, will make a speech.

Then, the campaign’s manifesto will be read and the situation of people with neuromuscular diseases and the challenges they face will be discussed. Lastly, the event will close with the testimony of three people who live with neuromuscular diseases and who talk about their experiences.

At the same time, during all of November, the campaign will be shared on social media with the hashtag #Capaces15N, and anyone is welcome to join this initiative. You only have to take a selfie, using a filter or frame created for the campaign.


To sign up or to get more information, click here.